Jimmy Butler is one of the more interesting and entertaining players in the NBA thanks to his unique personality and affinity for calling out teammates who aren’t pulling their weight. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that Butler likes to show off his talents whenever he can, even if that means embarrassing a couple of kids. Not only is Butler a great basketball player, but he also has quite a few soccer skills and they were on full display recently.

In the clip below, Butler is going up against a little kid when all of a sudden he pulls a quick little deke. The kid was trying to go for a slide tackle but instead, Butler had him flat on his butt with nowhere to go. As Butler continues up the field, the kid can be seen chasing after him so at least we know he’s a hustler on defense.


Butler will be taking his talents and bombastic personality to South Beach next season as he signed a five-year max contract with the Miami Heat. While the Heat might not be the best team in the Eastern Conference, they will certainly be one of the more interesting teams. 

Only time will tell whether or not Butler can get the Heat back into the playoffs.