A$AP Rocky’s arrest in Sweden has played out on the World Stage, having recently caught the eye of President Donald Trump. Despite the United States President inserting himself into the diplomatic negotiations, Rocky’s circumstances have remained relatively dire, prompting a palpable sense of dread from his friends and supporters. It all started when Rocky was arrested under suspicion of assault during his stay in Sweden, though he was clearly provoked to violence by an aggressive and persistent duo.

A$AP Rocky Will Reportedly Avoid Mentioning Race In Assault Case
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Following his arrest, Rocky was to held up for up to two weeks, so that prosecutors could decide whether or not to indict. Incapable of reaching a decision, the prosecution team moved to extend the deadline, which has since led to Rocky’s third consecutive week in a Swedish jail. Now, TMZ has issued another update about his impending court date, maintaining that Flacko will be avoiding any race-based defenses at all cost. Despite the fact that a clear double standard exists between himself and G-Eazy, a white rapper and no stranger to Swedish authorities, Rocky and his team have opted to steer clear from exploring that narrative.

As TMZ explains it, Rocky’s team already feel like the deck is stacked against them, and given the Swedish Embassy’s insistence that they never discriminate, accusing them of exactly that might prove detrimental to their cause. TMZ’s sources, whoever they may be, insist that putting Swedish courts on the defensive would be unwise, and inviting unwanted trouble. If that wasn’t bad enough, TMZ suggests that Rocky is likely to be charged, and thus forced to face the possibility of six years in Swedish jail. 

Clearly, Donald Trump and the United States’ requests have done little to gain favor overseas. If Rocky is actually charged, do you think he’ll actually be found innocent, given everything that has already transpired?