“Game Of Thrones”: Battle Of Winterfell Breaks Twitter Record

The series continues to break records.

BYAida C.
“Game Of Thrones”: Battle Of Winterfell Breaks Twitter Record

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. 

Yesterday's episode of Game Of Thrones centered our favorite characters amidst an explosive, action-packed battle against the White Walkers. Fans were thrilled to finally watch the long-awaited battle of Winterfell in the hour and a half episode entitled "The Long Night." As such, a lot has happened and we've gathered a compilation of the best reactions from social media. Evidently, Game of Thrones remains amply talked about from the moment a new episode drops, with fans detailing everything from their initial reaction to the show's best moments and its twist and turns to a post-episode reflection


Well, it seems the chatter surrounding the series has resulted in a new broken record. According to Variety, Game of Thrones' most recent episode has officially become the most tweeted-about TV episode of all time. Precisely, the episode garnered more tweets than any other episode having previously aired on our television screens. Along with many fans noting yesterday's episode as being the best Game of Thrones episode to date, the new record was established following over 7.8 million tweets discussing the show. Though this record only looks at scripted television, it remains, nevertheless, a huge deal for the series. 


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