Stephen A. Smith was in the news yesterday and for once, it wasn’t for one of his ruthless hot takes. Instead, it was because of a turkey vulture that flew into his office window at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, breaking the window and leaving a complete mess. Luckily, Stephen A. wasn’t in the office at the time and wasn’t harmed by anything that transpired. While some fans believed the bird was upset and something SAS said on ESPN’s First Take, Smith took a different approach, claiming that the bird did it out of love.

“Clearly it was looking for me, but contrary to what some of you out there might believe, it wasn’t coming to do me harm, it wasn’t coming at me because it was disgusted with some of my takes,” Smith said. “It came to my office because it missed me.”

Smith continued by explaining that the bird knew of his love for all types of living beings and that the turkey vulture simply wanted to experience that love.

“You know why it came to my office? Cuz it missed me because it knows Stevie A. don’t just love the kids, he loves animals, too, he loves all types of stuff, too. Any of God’s creatures, Stevie A. loves. That’s what happened,” Smith joked.

We’re just glad that the meme god himself is alright and we can still watch him do what he does best on First Take.