Stephen A. Smith is known for some pretty hot takes on ESPN’s sports debate show First Take. Smith has been known to get fans up-in-arms about his opinions and on Tuesday, it seems like a turkey vulture was one of those upset by his takes (?). As reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the bird flew right into Smith’s office window at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. In the images below, you can see that the window is completely broken. The pictures were captured from outside of the office. There is no word yet on the bird’s condition or if Smith was present in his office at the time of the incident.

Smith’s opinionated rants often come with a hefty dose of animation and passion. His affinity for getting riled up over practically anything elicited some pretty hilarious responses on Twitter. Whether it’s Stephen A. in front of a green screen offering up some elaborate facial expressions, or his laugh-out-loud “stay off the weed” phrase, fans had fun over the whole situation.

You can see some of the responses below. We just hope that Smith and the bird are okay.