If you buy a ticket to an Iggy Azalea show and you notice a yellow circle in the middle of the floor, you better step out unless you’re planning to show off the goods. The Australian rapper has a considerable amount of sex appeal, building her brand based on her aggressive flows, hitmaking ability and fierce looks. Azalea has never been shy to show off her assets, often shaking her booty in the middle of her shows to her fans’ delight. At her concert, she wants all of her fans to get into that same spirit, installing a special section that is exclusive to women and men that want to flex their twerking skills. That’s right, Iggy Azalea is setting up a “twerkpit” on tour.

Iggy Azalea Has A Designated Twerking Area At Her Concerts
Andrew Toth/Getty Images

There is sure to be a lot of dancing going on at Iggy Azalea’s upcoming concerts. The star is gearing up to release her next project this week and as she promotes her new singles, she’s reminding folks of the crazy shit that might go down on tour. She took to Twitter to tell everyone about one special initiative she’s starting out. “So if you come to my show; You’re gonna notice a giant yellow circle on the floor in the middle of GA that says ‘twerkpit,'” explained the artist. “When it’s about that time at the show y’all gotta clear off the circle ⭕️ unless you bout to show us something crazy.”

The announcement had Iggy Azalea trending worldwide last night with her fans going crazy for the idea. Will you be joining in on the “twerkpit” fun or are you avoiding that area with all of your might?