LeBron James won a championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2016 and some of his favorite teammates from the run were Kevin Love, Richard Jefferson, and Channing Frye. To this day, the four players still communicate and are great friends, so it’s no surprise that they would be spending the offseason taking some shots at one another. 

The friendly banter all started with Jefferson and Frye telling Love to stop posting so many vacation photos. This prompted Love to post a photo of himself flexing and referring to the two players as clowns and “keyboard warriors.” The post was pretty funny and was immediately followed up with a similar photo from James. “‘Slim King Calhoun’. Man I can’t wait for this thing to get going again! Coming to a city near you. Stay tuned!” LeBron wrote.



Love commented on James’ post by saying “I feel like this is a direct shot at me…” That’s when LeBron clarified his post saying “No way Jose. My only shots is at @channigfrye and @richardajeffeferson this summer.”

James had the time to get all of these shots off while he’s filming Space Jam 2 which recently switched directors after “creative differences.”