Wendy Williams has never been too shy about her health struggles, previously revealing a time she was living in a sober house amid her struggles with alcohol and before that, cocaine. Wendy made the necessary moves to get on the right path for the sake of her health and now the talk show host has opened up about another health issue she’s dealing with, that’s lymphedema.

The condition causes swelling in the arms and legs that usually occurs after damage to or even the removal of ones lymph nodes. Wendy posted an image to her Instagram that sees her sitting with an at-home machine that controls the symptoms. “Just Wendy with lymphedema machine. 45min every day. #lymphedema #flexitouch #gethelp,” the caption reads. 


Wendy also publically discussed her Graves disease not too long ago, after she fainted on television. 

“I had the radioactive iodine [medication], taking my pill a day, minding my own business. Then back in the fall or maybe around July of last year, I started feeling weird in the head but I’m thinking, ‘OK, this is maybe a casualty of menopause or we were ramping up for season nine of the ‘Wendy Show.’ So, it wasn’t until I passed out on my own show [in October] that … Anyway, life has completely changed,” she stated.

We can only hope Wendy continues to take care of herself.