The “Thotiana” train is chugging along like Lambchop’s “This is the Song That Doesn’t End” as remixes and remixes to remixes continue to drop left and right. There are rumors that another remix to the song is on deck with French Montana and Cardi B, and recently the track’s producer Scum Beatz told XXL that there’s even a sequel to the hit single on the way. This has been one helluva breakout year for the 22-year-old rapper who recently announced that all of his “Thotiana” success has afforded him to buy a $1 million home.

While there were many “Thotiana” remixes that commanded attention, the two standouts that fans talked about more than the others were Cardi B’s version with Blueface that also came with a music video, and Nicki Minaj’s take on the track with “Barbiana.” Blueface and his manager Wack 100 recently sat down for an interview with KMEL radio where the rapper was asked who he thought did a better job at remixing his hit.

“You gon’ be messy,” Blueface said with a smile. There was some chatter about why the question was a “messy” one, but Wack 100 came in with confidence and named his favorite. “Cardi B. killed her,” he said. “And listen, I’m a Cash Money rep, but I’m gonna keep it gangster…[She] killed her because it wasn’t about the ‘anas and Rihannas and prima donnas. She was just rapping on that. You know what I’m saying? She was just rapping.”

Then it was Blueface’s turn to give his answer and he stumbled over his words before agreeing and saying, “We gon’ rock for that.” Host Big Von couldn’t contain his laughter at how Blue delivered his response, but the rapper finalized that conversation by stating, “What he said.”