It hasn't been all too long since 21 Savage linked with Offset and Metro Boomin for Without Warning, nor since he delivered his Issa album. However to keep up with the frenzied pace of the internet, you've got to constantly be cooking in the studio and keeping one loaded at the same damn time. Thus it should come as no surprise that Savage has some heaters waiting for us, as he previewed on his Instagram Story. 

While we can't embed the full story, a stealthy Instagram account did rip one of the video previews, which shows 21 rapping over the record, with typically sinister lyrics.

In the second video, for which we don't have a preview of below, he delivers a few quotables, and the song sounds hard as fuck (generally speaking). Among the lyrics: "I don't go to church I cus," and "In glock 9 I trust." While his very public relationship with Amber Rose has led some fans to question or even criticize his street hardened nature, he doesn't appear to be relenting with the style we've come to love if these songs are indicative-- despite exploring his softer side on a few Issa cuts, like "FaceTime."

Are you guys ready for these to drop?