If you weren't a fan of the Pen and Pixel-designed cover artwork for Savage Mode 2, which recalls some of the hottest mixtapes from the 90s and 00s, then 21 Savage and Metro Boomin are coming through with another cover that you might be more privy to.

With the album looking set for a dominant debut atop the Billboard 200, the pioneers behind Savage Mode 2 are looking to capitalize on the album's success at every corner. That means merch, merch, and more merch. 

Savage and Boomin have been offering a wide selection of clothing and accessories, also stocking their website with physical copies of the album for the collectors who want to look back at the vinyl in a few years and remember how they felt when it initially dropped.

Savage Mode 2 is offered in a few different physical options. Now sold out, the original vinyl had the original Savage Mode 2 cover on it. A new product is officially available at the shop though, which will be a welcome surprise for fans of the first tape.

The second version of the vinyl release features a brand new cover that recalls the first Savage Mode, this time showing two daggers interlaced with blood spewing throughout. 

Image via 21 Savage's webshop

Alongside the record, you can also cop a $15 t-shirt + album combo, which will surely be a fan favorite, as well as a photo book looking back on Savage and Boomin's journey to this point.

Are you a fan of the alternate cover artwork or is the original more your style?