Chevy Woods & Wiz Khalifa Link Up For "Me (REMIX)"

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Always a good time when these two come together.

Whenever Chevy Woods and Wiz Khalifa link up for a track, there's always palpable brotherly love that bubbles up. This chemistry shines even stronger when they rap over a beat that suits them both. Chevy just posted a song, entitled "ME (Remix)", on his SoundCloud that serves as a perfect example of this duo's potential. 

The ideal beat for these two is one that chops up a soulful sample and possesses some groove for them to turn into a stoner anthem. A vibrating vocal of a woman singing "Meeee" repeats throughout the song and gives some cushioning for the bars to bounce on. No matter how many times Chevy and Wiz rap about the good life, they're undeniably gifted at capturing a vibe that makes it feel like the sun is shining and you have a blunt in hand (even if neither of these things are true). 

Takes some time out of your day to vibe out to the song below and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

More watches, more chains, more rangs
Getting head from yo main in a range, it’s (Me)
On the set, never change
You a lame, had to give up the game
Now they hatin' on (Me)

- Chevy Woods

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