Kodak Black Channels Lisa Simpson With New Blonde Hairstyle

Kodak Black distracts himself with a “Valley Boy” look while state officials deliberate over his alleged misconduct.

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Kodak Black Channels Lisa Simpson With New Blonde Hairstyle

What did Kodak Black do the moment secured his release at the border crossing. If you guessed, dye his color blonde with SuperSaiyan spikes, I'd spit my drink. But that's exactly what happened. Thanks to the wacky entrepreneurial spirit of a hairstylist figuratively named Despeignes Cheveux, footage of Kodak's transformation was captured on video.

Kodak Black Channels Lisa Simpson With New Blonde Hairstyle
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In the spirit of customer care, Cheveux readily complies with Kodak Black's demands for blonde hair. "Kodak you ready for your transformation? This the answer I got," she asked, in a recapitulation of the exchange written into the video like closed captioning. Instead of responding with words, all she gets is a sheepish grin which she wisely interprets as a YES.

The video then jumps forward in glossing over the longwinded steps. When the video picks up again, Kodak Black looks the part of a Simpson's character, as he grills (not grits) his teeth as he did at the onset. "That shit be crazy," Kodak exclaims before going completely quiet. For the remainder of the clip, Kodak Black just sits there checking himself out without a care in the world.

The "Florida Man" is in danger of having an existing bond agreement revoked by the South Carolina authorities looking over his "sexual assault" case file - all because the bells went off in the National registry when he was docked at the border. Kodak communicated a need for deliverance on Dying To Live, something tells he won't reach that plane unless he switches over from Standard Shipping to higher excellence.



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