Billie Eilish has a very unique style that made her somewhat of an enigmatic artist in the music scene. The singer only has a handful of songs, with her song “Ocean Eyes” becoming a viral hit released in 2016 and amassing close to 200 million streams on Spotify. She also has an EP called Don’t Smile At Me but since then, she hasn’t released a lot of music and fans are anxiously awaiting her next project in hopes of seeing how she will progress her sound.

Fans won’t have to wait too long though as Eilish has announced her upcoming debut album titled WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? According to the singer’s Twitter account, a new single will be releasing a new song today at 12 P.M. EST. She also showed off the artwork for her new album which has no official release date.

As is the case with Eilish’s aesthetic, the album cover is a little bizarre and unsettling. The singer is sitting on a bed dressed in all-white bed sheets while she is also wearing an all-white outfit. Meanwhile, the singer, who usually wears contacts that change her eye color, has no pupils or eye color, just white in her eyes.

The album cover seems pretty on brand here, and we’re excited to see where this album goes sonically.