The last two weeks for R. Kelly have been a whirlwind, and after spending the weekend locked up behind bars, the singer is out on bond. Following Kelly’s arrest, his attorney Steve Greenberg publicly stated that his client was unable to post the $100,000 needed for his $1,000,000 bond. People couldn’t believe that the highly controversial, yet mega-superstar singer couldn’t come up with the cash for his release. For those that support Kelly’s accusers, they didn’t mind that the singer, who was arrested on 10 counts of sexual abuse charges, would possibly have to stay behind bars until his trial.

Later, it was reported that there were a number of fans, most of whom were female, calling into the county clerk’s office inquiring about how they could go about paying to get Kelly out of jail. Not-surprisingly, Kelly came up with the dough and was released yesterday. After some investigating, the person responsible for posting Kelly’s bail, Valencia Love, described as a suburban daycare owner who also owns quite a few restaurants, has broken her silence, calling Kelly a friend and saying that she did what any other person would do for someone they cared about.

The Herald-News reached out to Love, whose relationship with Kelly is still unclear, for a statement on why she would post the bond for someone who is accused of sexually abusing three underage girls. She came to his defense and said, “If your friend was in trouble, wouldn’t you bail them out? He’s out. It doesn’t matter who (posted it).” Love continued, “I only helped a friend out. We’ve heard their side. We’ll wait for his side to come out.” Love later told ABC News that the bond money was Kelly’s and she only posted it on his behalf.