Just when you thought that everyone received the public service announcement that dudes shouldn’t say anything to T.I. and Tiny’s kids, especially on social media, we find one guy who missed the PSA. The Harris family is about that life when it comes to clapping back on social media, but rapper T.I. seems to take the cake as the family’s patriarch. 

The King of South has established a reputation as one who shouldn’t be messed with, and while other celebrities ignore the shade thrown in their comment sections, T.I. makes time to respond to those he thinks need to be put in their places. Even his 17-year-old daughter Deyjah has learned to check people who try to disrespect her online. When a man tried to tell her that she looked to grown in her Instagram photos, Deyjah told him, “You think I’m not supposed to wear makeup because of n****s and their perverted mind? Man (middle finger) y’all!!!! I don’t live for y’all nor do I wear makeup for y’all. This comment is quite imbecile and shows a lot about you and your way of thinking.”


T.I. applauded his daughter sticking up for herself, but in this most recent interaction, the father stepped up to confront someone he thought was being disrespectful to his babygirl, Zonnique Pullins. To show his love for his daughter, T.I. shared a photo on Instagram of himself and Zonnique in celebration of her 23rd birthday. He wrote a lengthy caption where he said, “I’m soooo super proud of the beautiful, intelligent, talented young lady you’ve grown into. It’s been an honor to witness your artistic & personal metamorphosis. I’ve always been pleased and impressed with your value of principle & the ‘silent strength’ you exude effortlessly.”


A man hopped on in Tip’s comments and wrote, “I could make a jacuzzi out of her dimples,” referring to Zonnique’s smile. “Look at lil tip.” T.I. doesn’t play when it comes to his kids, so he made sure to let ol’ dude know that he didn’t appreciate his comment. “I could put a pothole in your temple too my Boi…let’s play.” He shut that down real quick. Yikes.