Fans are still reeling from the Dreamville takeover after the label dropped their exceptional compilation Revenge of The Dreamers III, last week. Of course, not every artist on the album was signed to Dreamville, but the project did give the label a chance to allow their artists to shine. One member of the Dreamville crew who has been creating buzz lately is soul singer Ari Lennox who recently released her debut studio album, Shea Butter Baby.

As the reigning First Lady of Dreamville, the Washington, D.C. native has been taking to stages across the country, belting out her Shea Butter Baby singles to sold-out audiences. In a recent sit-down with Elliot Wilson, Lennox admitted that she still finds it unbelievable that people love and support her music. “I think people are excited that I’m talking about things other than just sex, love, or money,” she said. “I got a song called Broke on the record!”

Listeners will find that Shea Butter Baby is a personal and vulnerable record that covers topics that people from all backgrounds can identify with. However, the singer shared that she crafted the project with a spirit of celebrating black women. “I just feel black women, we get slept on a lot and people don’t recognize our greatness in our curls, in chocolate skin,” Lennox said. “Every shade of chocolate is so important and so rich and glorious, and people be sleeping on us.”

Check out Ari Lennox’s full interview below and make sure to listen to her album Shea Butter Baby here.