Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr are still going strong and are about to debut their reality show that will showcase the ins and outs of their relationship. “I know so many people are going to learn so much from watching how we operate and the dynamic of our relationship,” Sabrina said of the show while chatting with BOSSIP. “There’s is a stereotype around beautiful women and famous men […] and that is not our story.”

The show will be filmed in Atlanta and be called Lamar and Sabrina. While a release date has not been announced, the couple did reveal how they met in the first place and it was when Sabrina was late to the club and she and her friends hopped on an invite by Lamar. “Something just told me, let me just hang around. See what he’s about,” she explained.

Just a few days later, Lamar contacted Sabrina for business since she’s a personal trainer. “He was like, ‘Listen, I’m looking to get back into shape, the drills and stuff you were doing, that’s the type of stuff I want to do. Could you hook that up for me?’ And I was like ‘Sure. Whenever you’re ready.’ My intentions were not ‘Oh it’s Lamar Odom, let me get his number,” she added. 

Peep their full interview before where they also explain the firing of a bad manager Lamar was involved with.