Rob Gronkowski is known as being a huge party animal and someone that likes to have fun no matter what the circumstance. That’s why fans were disappointed when Gronk announced his retirement from football after just nine seasons. At 29 years old, Gronk could still be an effective tight end, although his various injuries throughout his career have made him not want to continue with the game of football. 

This past season, Gronkowski helped win the team’s sixth Lombardi trophy which was also his third as a member of the team. The Patriots posted a video of the team when they went to Boston for the Red Sox home opener and brought the trophy along. Gronkowski being the jokester that he is, asked Julian Edelman to throw a pitch at him. While using the Lombardi trophy as a bat, Gronk hit the ball and ended up leaving a dent in the prestigious trophy.

According to ESPN, Patriots executive vice president of media relations, Stacey James says they will not be fixing the dent anytime soon as they want to “keep the dent and tell the story.”

Gronk got to leave his mark on the city one last time and he did it the only way he knows how. Really brings a tear to your eye.