The Billboard Music Awards were last night and while the show was dedicated to musicians, that didn’t stop prominent people from other fields from crashing the party. One of those people was former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski who recently announced his retirement from football. Gronk has always been seen as kind of a goof and his personality would work perfectly in the wrestling world or even the acting realm.

Well, Gronk got to show off his acting chops during the awards show as he dressed as a security guard at the beginning of the awards and proceeded to bounce Kelly Clarkson from the event. The former Patriot even goes so far as to call her a “seat filler” and makes her get up so that Florida Georgia Line can take her place.

Later in the shoe, Clarkson got to perform her own song. Gronk dressed up as the security guard again and ended up pulling her off the stage at the conclusion of her performance. Overall, it was pretty funny and you could tell that the crowd got a kick out of it all.

Since retiring, Gronk has mostly been seen vacationing with his girlfriend Camille Kostek, while also putting dents in the Lombardi trophy.