Shots were fired at Boosie's show at a Motorcycle club in Gardena, CA Friday night, leaving two injured, according to TMZ. The victims' wounds are reportedly not life-threatening. The shooting occurred at approximately 12AM.

Law enforcement sources called the scene "chaotic" upon arrival, at which point they took a report for assault with a deadly weapon. No arrests have been made and there are no suspects. The investigation is still open.

TMZ has acquired a clip from the show which can be viewed below. The report suggests that "multiple altercations broke out before the event."

Boosie posted two clips last night, each commenting on the crowd at the show. "They say Cali crazy n sometimes," he wrote. "They was fighting the whole night. They showed me nothing but love tho." In another clip he said "Shout out to the whole motherfucking California, who came and supported me today. That bitch had so many people in this motherfucker. All these bikers, all these bikes out here.... This bitch so mothafuckin' packed... 5,000 motherfuckers out here." He did not mention anything about shots being fire. The clips, along with the poster for the show are below.

In April, Boosie was forced to cancel a show in Dinwiddie County, VA when shots were fired shortly before it began. It was reported that two people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries following a panic that erupted due to the shots, though it was unclear whether anyone was actually hit by the gunfire.