It appears the infamous "thot" woman who was suing 2 Chainz for being the subject of a viral video titled “This Yo Thot?,” has finally lost her lawsuit in trying to get $5 million dollars in reported damages.

TMZ reports this morning that a North Carolina judge has tossed out the Christine Chisholm's lawsuit entirely, aka the “THOT” woman. In his ruling, the judge said calling someone a "THOT" does not rise to the level of "extreme or outrageous conduct."

Remember, just last week, Christine made the wild accusations that 2 Chainz was also attempting to put out a hit on her, from reportedly having cars follow her to what she thinks are “direct” lyrics in his latest song “Watch Out.” With all that said, it’s pretty clear Christine was trying to get 2 Chainz in some serious trouble with the law & with his pockets, but neither of which will be the case anymore thankfully.