A 2 Chainz co-sign is a comforting and valuable one to have. Although Lil Baby's star is rising incredibly fast and he has collaborated with tons of artists in the rap game, he has now garnered the respect of the OG, Tity Boi. While 2 Chainz didn't share much background for the whole story, he took to Instagram today to salute Lil Baby - who he referred to as a "real street general" - for getting his and Skooly's hard drive back. We all know how valuable a hard drive like that could be and it's often the case that they are stolen in order to threaten the artists with leaks if they don't pay up. If this hard drive contained the fire song that 2 Chainz teased on Instagram the other day, then it was of utmost importance to get it back. 

As I said, no details were provided on what happened to 2 Chainz's hard drive or what Lil Baby had to do to retrieve it, but the "street general" title may insinuate that Lil Baby had to get his hands dirty in the process. After this occurrence, it appears we have no choice but to stan Lil Baby (even though we were doing that already). 

Lil Baby and 2 Chainz collaborated on the song, "Anyway", off of Baby's latest project, Street Gossip. Hopefully 2 Chainz's heightened respect for Lil Baby leads to them working together again.