Atlanta has a tight-knit community. While people do beef, there's still a strong sense of community that can be felt from the outside looking in. Many of the top tier rappers in the game have worked together, whether it's at the height of their careers or when they're just getting started.

However, there are also many artists who have close relationships behind closed doors. Apparently, there are a few people who believed that Future and 2 Chainz had problems with each other, for whatever reason. Perhaps it's because, in this social media era, people expect relationships to be showcased on Instagram. But that's not the case for Future and 2 Chainz. Although they've worked together on a few occasions, 2 Chainz set the record once and for all that they are no problems between them.

Earlier today, 2 Chainz announced that he and Future worked on a new single which he described as "the hardest song in the world." 2 Chainz returned to Instagram to reflect on their recent studio session, in anticipation for "Dead Man Walking."

"People thought me and Bru had a problem with each other which is the farthest to thing from the truth," he wrote. "We have some the same street connections and spoke alot behind closed doors ! This song I'm dropping #DEADMANWALKING really a celebration for the streets . 2 hustlas who made it out the mudd without hating on each other #THEREALUNIVERSITY."

Are you excited for this new 2 Chainz & Future collab?