On Monday, 2 Chainz' TRU Foundation hosted its 7th annual TRU 2 Hoops Basketball Tournament. Atlantan kids on Christmas break were invited to the gymnasium of North Clayton High School, 2 Chainz' alma mater, to play some two-on-two. They were able to register in either a 10-11-year-old bracket or 12-13. The event included a mini-clinic run by guest NBA and NCAA players. 

Every year, 2 Chainz tries to do something special for the kids. Last year, he brought in his personal chef to provide healthy meals for the kids and their families. He has also gifted them with TRU 2 Hoops uniforms. Tity Boi shared an Instagram post explaining how, this year, his foundation struggled to secure sponsors to supply gifts for the event. He was not going to allow the kids to go home empty-handed after a long day of balling, especially during the holidays. He took matters into his own hands and went to a store to buy 100 pairs of shoes for the kids. The photo he posted shows a huge pile of Nike, Under Armour and Adidas shoe boxes. It looks like 2 Chainz is rivaling Gucci Mane for the title of East Atlanta Santa

This is a much more heartwarming example of giving back during the holidays than Blueface tossing money at homeless people