Hoodrich Pablo Juan has been delivering a steady stream of new music. The rapper is currently readying the release of his forthcoming project, DMV which is due out tomorrow. Ahead of its release, the rapper gave fans a little dose of what to expect with the release of the album’s intro. “DMV Intro” plays out cinematically as it opens up with a soliloquy from Hoodrich Pablo Juan detailing his struggles coming up over cloudy flutes before the drums kick in and Hoodrich comes in full force. Hoodrich comes in hard and if that’s only the intro, there’s no telling what to expect from the rest of the project.

The rapper’s forthcoming project, DMV, stands for Dope Money Violence and features appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, Zaytoven, and more.

Quotable Lyrics
I was built for this shit like I’m Keanu Reeves
I was broke with no money, I had to say please
Go get the sack, I can’t slip, I got cleats
Drugs in my blood make my heartbeat
Got bitches like chicken, they white meat