Jhonnie Blaze Reveals Truth Behind Drake Fivesome Rumors & Fight With Bow Wow

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Jhonni Blaze
The reality star is setting the record straight on some of her most controversial moments.

Although she had a solid social media presence before joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York, many people got to know Jhonni Blaze because of her stints on reality television. The former exotic dancer was a familiar face in the hip hop scene because of her affiliations with certain rappers, and her often argumentative altercations on television earned her a reputation of being difficult to work with. He temper exploded on both Love & Hip Hop New York and Atlanta, as well as the infamous Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta scene where she and Bow Wow wreaked havoc at Jermaine Dupri's studio. The singer has been cleaning up her act and working on her temper, so she hopes to put the old version of herself to rest as she prepares new music.

Bossip caught up with Jhonni for their Headline Heat, a segment where the singer was able to explain the real stories behind her most controversial headlines. Regarding her fight with Bow Wow, Jhonni said "I ain't ambush him. We about the same height how...I did not ambush Lil Bow Wow, okay? I'm five feet, he's five feet. You can't ambush somebody that's the same height as you. I can say that. He's my friend," she said. "What happened was that Deb [Antney] wanted us to fix certain things. I really do cherish people's friendship. I got mad because he called me a b*tch and I just flipped my top. But that was the old me and this is the new me."

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Years ago, Jhonni did an interview where she stated that she had an orgy with Drake where the two of them had sex without protection. The singer now says that those statements were false and she said them because she was angry he was talking to another woman. "Drake is a phenomenal artist. He's dope as hell," she said. "I said something in my past that I regret and I hope that he forgives me. I think [he did] because I'm unblocked."

"And it was not a fivesome," she continued. "I was just immature at a young age and got mad because he was talking to somebody. And I'm not even his girlfriend so who am I to get mad at somebody. So that's what happened. No fivesome. If I wanted a fivesome, it would be with a bunch of girls, and I have the list and I think I'm accomplishing three out of the five so far. Mind your business."

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