The Los Angeles Rams are off to the Super Bowl where they will play the New England Patriots and there is probably no one happier in the city of Los Angeles about this than rapper YG. YG has been everywhere when it comes to the Rams, showing his support whenever he can, and engaging in some friendly wagers with his fellow peers. Just a few weeks ago YG was spotted at the Rams and Dallas Cowboys game with Post Malone, where the two bet $20,000 on the game. Of course, YG came out on top and has wanted that sports betting smoke.

Before the Rams NFC Title game against the New Orleans Saints, YG made a bet with Birdman for an undisclosed amount. Of course, the Rams came out on top which prompted YG to post on Twitter “He owe me $” in response to a Saints tweet about Birdman at their game.

Now, YG is saying that Birdman has finally paid him for the L he took last Sunday.

The rapper took his trash talking to the next level this past week when he lashed out at President Donald Trump who is a huge New England Patriots fan.

“F*** you. We gone beat you & yo team,” YG said. Maybe he’ll be doing another big bet next Sunday when Super Bowl LIII goes in Atlanta on February 3rd.