When Super Slimey dropped in October 2017, people tried their best to pick it apart. A surprise collaborative project between two of the music industry’s most ferocious, innovative and enigmatic artists seemed too good to be true. Expectations were so ridiculously high that it was impossible for Super Slimey to not fall short in certain respects. However, some distance has allowed for the project to receive a fair judgment.

Time has proven that some of the songs on Super Slimey managed to capture that ineffable essence that people hoped would arise from these hip hop heavyweights joining forces. “Real Love” sounds like the manifestation of whatever is going on on SS‘s cover art. If Young Thug is the hissing irradiant-green serpent, Future is the dark beaked creature intertwined with it. The song’s strength lies in the fact that it doesn’t feel like discrete parts being stitched together, but feels like everything is happening at once. You could listen to “Real Love” and believe that it was recorded in one take with Future and Thug standing side-by-side – drawing on each other’s energy and channeling that through croons that underlie the verses. Songs like this confirmed the conviction that these two are magic-makers and have the potential to be explosive when brought together.

Quotable Lyrics

These four doors and quaaludes, they got me dehydrated
Turn on me, sue me, no, nothing seems to amaze me
I left on a commercial flight and downgraded
If I could change anything, I wouldn’t erase it