If you come for Onika, she will take a swipe at you. The Queen of rap isn’t necessarily somebody you want on your bad side. The recording artist returned to the spotlight last month when she released her new single “Megatron” and since then, she’s been interacting with fans on social media and recording new episodes of Queen Radio. During a recent episode of the show, Minaj made a phone call to somebody after the boy’s father made a special request on air. A week after the episode went live, the fan tried to use the phone call as “proof” that the duo was working on something as a surprise but he ended up getting caught in his lie when Minaj found out about it all.

<a href="/profile/NickiMinaj" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Nicki Minaj</a> Insults Clout Chaser Who Lied On Her Name: "Sit Your Dumb Ass Down"
Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

“JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH @nickiminaj & ALL IM SAYING IS WE HAVE A SPECIAL SURPRISE TOMORROW,” wrote the fan on his page. He likely wasn’t expecting the New York rapper to actually check her mentions but when she did, she decided to clap back with ferocity. “Your father asked me to say hi to u while he was at Queen radio,” she wrote. “So u post this stalking ass clip a week later & say u just got off the phone with me? Yikes. And I have no clue what the rest of ur caption is about but sit ur dumb ass down.”

Don’t mess around with Nicki because she’s bound to bring receipts to the table. Looks like there’s no “special surprise” coming tomorrow. *shrug*