Nashville crooner R.LUM.R has shared his latest “Cold” single, a well-crafted ode to the end of a relationship’s life cycle as he candidly unveils the thought process behind heartbreak.

“I want listeners to take away an idea they can be better versions of themselves in their own lives,” R.LUM.R explains of the new track. “I really believed in what Erykah Badu used to say about music, ‘Once I release it into the world, it’s no longer my story’. Once the audience listens to it, it’s their story. I can’t wait to see how people interpret it. There’s growth to be done, and you don’t have to be afraid of it.”

Quotable Lyrics

I know it’s hard being honest
Nothing hurts like the truth
It’s for the best I can promise
I hope you know that it’s true
I’m not tryna make it worse