It feels as if the pop landscape is ripe for the plundering. The older guard has since cleared up space, with Rihanna lying dormant, Taylor Swift operating firmly within her own fixed lane, and Lady Gaga concentrating on other mediums. As such, newcomer Camila Cabello has settled nicely into her position, riding the post-“Havana” wave into a new creative stage. Today, the young talent has dropped off a pair of singles in “Shameless” and “Liar,” with the former having all the makings of a radio hit.

Operating under the classic “build-up” structure, Camila lets the guitar riff build into an explosion of sound. From a production standpoint, every element lands, and Cabello makes sure to hold it down accordingly. As the track kicks in, added percussion give her room to flex the melodic chops; she effortless strings her words together with perfect vocal control. Should you be interested in expanding your musical palette into the realm of pop music, there’s plenty to gain from spending a little time with Camilia Cabello.

Quotable Lyrics

Saw it there, now it’s real
Now that you have me do you want me still?
Kisses are history they go back a long time
And I’m tired of having somebody that’s not mine