Great-Grandma Arrested At Disney World For Carrying CBD Oil In Her Purse

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Disney World isn't always the "happiest place on Earth."

What’s it going to take for CBD to earn exception status in the United States. For one, CBD Oil is clinically proven to offer pain sufferers a non-addictive, non-psychoactive solution to their pressing needs. The only thing standing in the way of a nationwide reform is the Pharmaceutical industry stance on the subject. CBD and THC might the same mother plant, but the buck stops there.

Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

A 69-year old attending Disney World with her great-grandchildren learned a hard lesson on CBD stigmatization when her purse got rinsed at one of many checkpoints on site. According to Fox 35 in Orlando, Hester Jordan Burkhalter was asked to empty out her belongings, which she consented to without as a word.

Upon completing the search, the security guard entrusted with guarding the checkpoint placed her under arrest, for carrying the CBD oil bottle in question - and it wasn't as if Burkhalter was outside the limits of good reasoning. Clipped to the medicine bottle was a doctor's note permitting her rightful passage with the substance in hand.

“I have really bad arthritis in my legs, in my arms, and in my shoulder,” Burkhalter said. “I use [CBD oil] for the pain because it helps. I’ve never had one speeding ticket in my life." 

Even so, Burkhalter was forced to endure 12 hours in an Orange County jailhouse and was only allowed to leave once a $2,000 bond was secured in her name. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office maintains that the officer in question was simply upholding the rulebook when he made her arrest. Something's got to give you would think?


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