Cousin Stizz has made so many fun songs to turn up to (see “Headlock” and “I Got It”), that one might forget that he has moments of intense reflection scattered throughout his discography too. On his new album, Trying To Find My Next Thrill, these moments mostly appear in the second half. After the bouncy and repetitive “What U Bout”, you hit the sobering wall of Track 12, “Beamin'”. The instrumental lets you know that you’re about to experience a chance of pace, but right when Stizz starts rapping you realize you might have to sit down for this one. 

“Beamin'” has several lines that hit you in the chest or leave you nodding in agreement. Even tho Stizz might have some of the cleanest enunciation in the game, you’ll find yourself rewinding just because you were still ruminating on the previous line when he moved on to the next. The drums punctuating his speech makes his storytelling even more powerful. The Boston rapper contemplates heavy themes with a degree of clarity that makes it not at all surprising that in the chorus he shares that he “be thinkin’ ’bout shit way more than [he] speak about it”. And of course, to make it a perfect solemn slow jam, some nice saxophone comes in towards the end. 

Quotable Lyrics

Blessed up like I got the deacon ’round me
Your  soul for the money, that’s an evil bounty
Came a long way from the Suffolk County days
Mud on the plate, I had to eat around it