This afternoon, Mike Dean engaged with a Twitter user who persisted with a false narrative about his “relationship” with R. Kelly. It all started when the Twitter user in question, @Sharkytank, tried linking Dean and R. Kelly in a negative light, on the basis on their contributions to Kanye West’s “To the World.”

The record is among the select cuts that made up Kanye West Presents Good Music Cruel Summer, for which Mike Dean was indubitably involved in mixing all the elements including “To the World,” in the broader sense of the project’s vision. R. Kelly performs just about every vocal arrangement on the “To the World,” except for a tiny verse rapped by Kanye West, and the song’s outro sung by Teyana Taylor. For what it’s worth, Mike Dean isn’t even listed among the song’s producers, retroactively speaking.

Mike Dean continued to refute the Twitter users claims of “compliance” with R. Kelly. The more @Sharkytank pressed, the more it became apparent they had entered a rhetorical nightmare with no end in sight. The user suggested Mike Dean be held responsible for taking the song down from services, and made few other presumptuous demands before the Rap-A-Lot producer decided to hasten his approach in one swift motion.

 Mike Dean proceeded to share his account of the time he met reportedly bumped into R. Kelly at the 2003 BMI Awards. As Dean puts it, R. Kelly openly hates him, because Dean’s first impulse when making his acquaintance was to sing the Dave Chappelle parody “Piss On You” right to his face. “We (Dean etc.) were clowning him (R. Kelly). And i sang. Piss on u. Piss on u. Gimme that poo poo. Gimme that pee pee. Etc etc.” Dean wrote in response to the Twitter users’ persistence. “i haven’t fucked with him. For a minute. So plz admit u have no clue.”

Believe what you want to believe, but Mike Dean isn’t going down without a fight.