Jussie Smollett has hired Michael Monico as his legal representation this week, amid the surprising developments of his assault case. Monico, a criminal defense lawyer, confirmed that he is taking on Smollett as his client on Thursday. “Yes, at the moment, I am,” the former federal prosecutor in Illinois’ Northern District, told WGN’s “The Roe Conn Show.” He did not specify to what capacity he will be representing Smollett nor did he reveal the timeframe within which his services will be offered.

Last month, Monico was also hired by Michael Cohen, president Donald Trump’s former lawyer personal attorney, to represent him in his fight against federal charges relating to his misuse of campaign funds and the lies he told Congress as part of the scheme. 

Jussie Smollett Hires Michael Cohen's Defense Attorney
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images 

The selection of a defense attorney may have been perceived as unusual in the past, but the choice seems fitting considering the reported development of Jussie Smollet’s hate crime case. The actor could face indictment as the case moves before a grand jury next week, according to recent reports. The Chicago Police Department’s skepticism regarding his story appears to have accumulated since Smollett’s initial complaint. Legal authorities have made it clear that the entertainer will be held accountable in the event his police report prove to have been false.