Teyana Taylor is known for her badass looks and a variety of fashionable outfits when it comes to her wardrobe and it looks as though that’s something that she’s passed down to her daughter, Junie. The “Roses In Harlem” music maker shared an image of her daughter on Instagram sporting her best Houston, Texas attire. 

Junie does her best candid poses wearing a pink cowboy hat, pink cowboy boys, jeans, a cactus stamped blouse as well as a fake pony stick. “HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Issa new sheriff in TOWNNNNNNNN,” Teyana captioned the image. 


“When I got pregnant, I just kinda had a whole other mindset. A different kinda grind, a different kinda hunger, a different kinda focus. Junie really made me a better person ‘cause she taught me to trust,” Teyana previously told Vanity Fair, adamant that there will be no other baby on the way for the time being. 

“I want Junie to be a young mogul, an entrepreneur before she can even talk,” she added.

In other Junie news, the three-year-old is also a big fan of Cardi B. Check out there recent hang out here where Junie had nothing but a smile on her face.