Last night, Iggy Azalea dropped off In My Defense, her first full-length album since procuring her own masters. And while some will likely balk at the idea of diving into an Iggy album, her fans have already started heralding it as her strongest thus far. A quick perusal reveals a fair share of bangers, many of which revisit Iggy’s favored themes of “cash” and “ass.” On that note comes “Fu*k It Up,” a Kash Doll assisted banger produced by JWhite Did It. Minimalism comes to mind where the beat is concerned, with a slinking bassline and steady percussion to keep it going. 

As expected, Azalea’s sharp ear for hooks comes through, as she declares that getting money is superior to “busting a nut.” A difficult hypothesis to judge, and likely one that’s largely situational. After all, can one be happy having one without the other? Regardless, the Hot Girl Summer sentiment stands on its own, and both parties do their part in delivering confident seduction and empowering entrepreneurial insight. You feeling this?

Quotable Lyrics

Barely ever out, but when I am, I’m lookin like a lick
I grab his dick, I told him don’t say shit, he like my last flick
The AP never tick, he in my DMs, but he never hit
I brought them bitches out and all my bad bitches with the shits