The union between Shady Records and Griselda has manifested in apocalyptic fashion. Today marks the arrival of Conway’s “Bang,” the first single off his upcoming solo album, a drop the streets have been watching for a minute. The Machine makes sure to tap Eminem for the assist, providing an additional dose of firepower. Unexpected though the collaboration may be, “Bang” is reminiscent of Em and Obie’s dynamic, in which the former’s dexterous flow complements the latter’s steady and imposing delivery. And in keeping with the Griselda/Shady partnership, production is handled by Eminem, Daringer, Beat Butcha, and longtime Em collaborator Luis Resto.

Conway sets it off with an artillery spree of bars, delivering exactly what he’s developed a formidable rep for. At this point, he and Daringer have developed a symbiotic dynamic, which comes alive during the Machine’s poetic bouts of violence. “The shells’ll bang, make everything under your helmet hang,” he wraps, before passing the burner to Em. Picking up the baton, Em slides over an altered variation of the instrumental, a move not entirely unfamiliar to his fans. Off the bat, he kicks things off with a few reflections on feuds come and gone, including tilts with both Canibus and Ja Rule. For the most part, Em seems eager for any smoke sent in his direction, and anyone who enjoyed Kamikaze will likely find much to enjoy here.

How do you feel about the first collaboration between Griselda and Shady? Sound off below.

Quotable Lyrics

That was back when I smoked Canibus
Man, but it was tough cause I was a fan of his
So it sucked to hand him his ass but
Yeah, lookin’ back on my feuds
I mean me and Ja Rule almost got cool ’cause we shot pool back in ’01
Was it ’02? I don’t know but something told me fuckin’ not to
Then we got stuck in high school, I shoved an Oscar up his wazoo