Netflix just revealed its latest collaboration with Hasbro on a Transformers-branded origin story. The series will be animated by Japanese studio Polygon Pictures, who did much of the work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Netflix’s director of anime operations John Derderian revealed his company’s plans in a written statement.

“In this Transformers origin story, we will explore the expansive universe of Cybertron in a way that audiences have never seen before – to the delight of both existing fans and those coming to the franchise for the first time,” Derderian explained. Cybertron is the fictional planet where the Transformers bots are said to have originated.

Much to the delight of diehard fans, many of the producers who worked on the original Transformers projects have signed on to work on the Netflix series, the likes of which includes FJ DeSanto, who holds the distinction of having worked on several of the officially-licensed mini-series’ of the past. This Netflix-grab is much more than an easy way to gain profit or a metric scorecard – since a return to the animated realm is largely viewed by the purists as a righteous step for the franchise. Not to mention, the Dreamworks’-produced films left a lot to the imagination. Self-machination is by no means an entry field of study.