On Monday, Berner & Curren$y delivered a new album called Pheno Grigiothe presumed side-effect of more than a few smoking sessions. Given the authors behind it, it’s no surprise the project is mellow in nature, seldom peaking in energy. Yet don’t get it twisted, there’s plenty of wisdom to be gleaned. On “Reasons,” however, both men seem content to let the good times roll. For Berner, his idea of a good time includes getting high on his own supply, an exception to the oft-cited Biggie rule. When one has made a small fortune in the weed business, perhaps all bets are off. 

As for Spitta, “Reasons” provides yet another exhibit pointing to one simple fact: this man may very well be the game’s most consistent emcee. Never faltering in his delivery, Curren$y’s approach to flow is that of a practiced everyman, speaking volumes without wasting words. “Centimeters away from the curb in the Bentley, only spoke on it because I know it,” he spits, with an air of a casual observer. “Only smoking it if I’m cool with the grower.” 

Check out Pheno Grigio now, and be sure to chime in with your opinions below. Did Curren$y and Berner kill it?

Quotable Lyrics

Centimeters away from the curb in the Bentley
Only spoke on it because I know it
Only smoking it if I’m cool with the grower
Get you tickets to the game ’cause I know the owner
This what we do
London pound cake in the British green coupe