DaBaby Is Selling T-Shirts About His LV Store Fight Incident That Left Victim Pantless

If you try to come for DaBaby you best believe he's gonna knock your pants off and make a t-shirt about it.

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Just last week, we reported that North Carolina rapper, DaBaby, had gotten into a violent fistfight with another emcee hailing from North Carolina, Cam ColdHeart. Clips obtained from the incident show how the two ended up patronizing a Louis Vuitton store in the mall. Coldheart could be seen coming in, guns blazing, and holding his phone as he taunted DaBaby and said things like, "you a bitch," and, "what you gon' do? What you taking your shit off for?" In a clip that followed, showing Baby's perspective, the rapper inches in closer to cam as he responds, eventually pushing Cam to throw the first punch. DaBaby's final, no-f*cks-given, piece of documentation showed ColdHeart on the floor with a bloody nose and his pants around his ankles.


The whole internet could agree on DaBaby as the victor, and now the rapper himself has apparently created, and is selling, graphic tees which display the incident, with the iconic phrase he had said to Coldheart as he lay, bloodied and in his boxers, on the floor: "I'm Da Truth." 


Cam, however, has been responding with his own side of the story, asserting that DaBaby wasn’t telling the whole truth. In a stream of tweets, the rapper claimed that DaBaby had his security jump him. “Man da big ass security and da lil nigga jumped me for bout 5 min then made it look like @DaBabyDaBaby did it his self…” Cam tweeted on May 25.


In retaliation to DaBaby putting up his shirts for sale, Coldheart also took to Twitter hours after only a couple of hours of the shirt's release, to put his own shirt up for sale.


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