Lil Yachty laid the foundation for his latest song submission by asking his Twitter followers for a push in the direction. Within hours of pitching his tent,  Yachty’s “Go Krazy, Go Stupid Freestyle” was ready for consumption, complete with spare production from the likes of Ronny J and Heavy Mellow, working in tandem.

“Go Krazy, Go Stupid” comes on the heels of him announcing a return of service for a third installment in the Lil Boat series. He’d taken a short reprieve from his duties as a rapper to diversify his portfolio with the inclusion of film credits in How High 2, and the big screen adaptation of Teen Titans Go! to name a few.

Yachty is only one month removed from teasing his new material in thinly-veiled Instagram shout out. “Go Krazy, Go Stupid” likely won’t factor into the equation due to its typification as a freestyle. it does, however, serve as a strong indication of what he has in store. Does “Go Krazy, Go Stupid” help in drumming up interest? Hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below the write-up.

Quotable Lyrics:

These bullets’ll leave a n***a tryna get sewn up
This bitch bad, she about to get flown up
Since 17, I’ve been livin’ like a grown-up
Got a big bag, now every single bitch gon’ fuck
Pull up in a Tonka truck lookin’ like the money man
I will not give a single fuck about a hunnid bands.

– Lil Boat