Two Dreamville artists have collided as Bas has dropped off his latest single “Fried Rice” featuring J.I.D. Undeniably, Dreamville has one of the hottest rosters right now, and Bas and J.I.D. prove that they’re forces to be reckoned with on this track. This is the first time that the labelmates have come together on a single, but they have worked alongside one another on “Can’t Call It” with J. Cole and EarthGang.

“Fried Rice” is a nod to New York City where Bas was raised after leaving Paris, France when he was just a child. It’s interesting that these two artists are collaborating together because as the story goes, Bas helped discover J.I.D. The latter performed during Bas’s Atlanta show back in 2014, and J.I.D impressed Bas so much that he and his team couldn’t help but tell J. Cole about the southern artist. Cole checked him out, eventually added him to the Dreamville roster, and the rest is history—or should we say, history in the making.

This is but one of many releases that Bas has planned for the summer, so give “Fried Rice” a listen and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Had them boys ringin’ the bell
Ain’t no Libra, but my scale ready if this rap sh*t ever fail get me hot
My borough taught me how to run a block
Confidence is quiet, I don’t talk a lot
I call my momma, and I call the shots