Lil Reese Drops “No Face No Case” After Allegedly Getting Jumped

Lil Reese changes the narrative with a new song after he was allegedly jumped this weekend.

BYAlex Zidel
Lil Reese Drops “No Face No Case” After Allegedly Getting Jumpedblur mask

Chicago rapper Lil Reese didn't have the greatest weekend of his life after he was allegedly jumped by another rapper. There is supposedly a video going around of it all going down but Reese is already trying to switch the narrative up. He doesn't want to ever be seen as a victim so instead of dwelling on the alleged attack, the 3Hunna Entertainment artist dropped "No Face No Case" for his fans.

The new track is a short effort, clocking in at just under two minutes. It's a gritty cut though, featuring some menacing rhymes and tales of how he continually overcomes all the negativity that's thrown his way. After all that went down this weekend, you've gotta give it up to Lil Reese. He won't let anything hold him down. Even when people want to focus on the man getting knocked down, he goes and turns it around with a fresh single. What do you think of this one?

Quotable Lyrics:

If the price ain't right, I might take something
Still with my n***as, yeah, we'll shake something
Better not catch an opp lackin, yeah, we'll face something
Getting to the money, yeah, straight chasin'
She said she want D'USSÉ, no chaser
All these hoes be going, I won't chase none
I told that lil bitch I want top, I want face or something
And when we aiming for the top, tryna hit your face or something

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