B2K affiliate Raz B is currently sitting behind bars following a prompt arrest. According to TMZ, the singer was intercepted in Minneapolis after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. The arrest occurred early this past Wednesday after the authorities confined the R&B artist for strangulation. Furthermore, anonymous sources told TMZ that numerous photos were taken of the victim’s neck and her alleged injuries for evidence. Raz B is currently held without bail, despite his active involvement in B2K’s reunion tour The Millennium Tour. A show is scheduled this upcoming Wednesday night at the Target Center in Minneapolis and the tour has 10 more stops left before ending in late May. 

Last month, Raz B and other B2K members reached a career milestone from The Millennium Tour becoming their highest selling tour. However, with this arrest, we may assume this places Raz B’s involvement in the tour in jeopardy. A post shared by B2K’s Instagram account shows Raz B performing with the rest of the crew and was posted 11 hours ago, therefore the question is still up in the air. Nevertheless, we hope to acquire further information on the matter very soon.