Jamila Woods has been teasing her new project, LEGACY! LEGACY! since the beginning of the year. She’s delivered new songs over the year with each song on the tracklist paying homage to some of her heroes. She closes out the project with “BETTY (For Boogie)” — a song which carries elements of Chicago house music. The song is in dedication to Boogie McLarin who she said essentially introduced her to to the genre.

“The song is dedicated to Boogie McLarin, who I met through YCA, where she’s done a lot of house dance workshops with our students. I grew up in Chicago but I didn’t learn about house music then,” she told Pitchfork. “I didn’t learn about it until I came back and saw Boogie’s workshops; she gives oral histories as she’s teaching the dance. She talks about the desegregated parties at The Warehouse, and how that was one of the only places where you could meet people of different races and backgrounds. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t even know what house music is.”

Quotable Lyrics
Oh, I’m different, I’m a cup of mild sauce
Sweet tongue, but don’t get me in a paper cut
I’ll fight you with my eyes, oh, when they call me shy