Soulja Boy Starts Gucci Forehead Tattoo Removal Amid Blackface Controversy

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"Gucci's done."

Soulja Boy has been a Gucci enthusiast for the longest time. His infamous headband designed by the brand has been immortalized in memes and parody skits. Even Tory Lanez came through asking his fellow rapper to retire the headgear he's been rocking for so long. The time has finally come for Young Drako to leave all of his Gucci behind since the fashion house managed to prompt a boycott with some of their designs.

The "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" artist is taking back his loyalty to Gucci after spending "hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions" on their swag over the last ten years. He says he is planning to donate the apparel to charity though he realizes that those who share his culture probably won't even want it regardless of their financial resources. "It's so disrespectful," he said, referring to the blackface controversy.

His former love for the label was apparent even while naked since its logo is tattooed in the middle of his forehead. The rapper has already taken action in order to erase the ink. "I started the process," he explained. "I gotta go back two more times." He might still consider forgiving the betrayal if Gucci decides to"cut that cheque" and offer a personal apology.

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