Lil Pump has come under fire for a recent Twitter post where the “Gucci Gang” rapper previewed a new song called “Butterfly Doors.” On the track, Pump says “Smokin’ on dope / They call me Yao Ming ‘cause my eyes real low (ching chong).” During the delivery of the line, he pulls his eyes back delivering a racist caricature of an Asian person.

The song caught the eye of Chinese rapper Lil Yijie, better known as “Pissy,” who eventually released a diss track called “FXXX LIL PUMP.” In the song, Lil Yijie spits some hit lyrics saying “The fact is you and white racists the same / Respect yourself, you’ve suffered the pain / You don’t know anything bout the history / Cuz you a nation of immigrants, and if you really won’t take it serious, check it out on those Indians.”

Pissy is a member of a popular Chinese gangsta-rap group called CD Rev, which is actually sponsored by the Chinese government. The group consists of four members and have been performing together since 2015. The political nature of Lil Yijie’s diss track is nothing new considering the foursome rap about about the political climate of China and have performed with the Communist Youth League.

You can listen to the diss track in the video below.