Kelly Gale, known for her appearances in the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, has come under intense criticism today for a video she posted on Instagram. The video begins with her and a friend in the entrance to the restaurant, looking around as Gale holds a pear. “We’re at…In-N-Out? So I guess I’m having my pear,” she says. This first strange shot is followed by one of Gale’s friend eating what looks like a takeout salad in an In-N-Out booth. Gale responds with mock-surprise: “you don’t eat In-N-Out?” There’s more too: multiple shots of Gale working out in the parking lot, one of a guy delivery her a bag full of vegetables, and a still frame with the caption:”not gonna pretend I eat here cause I don’t.” This whole thing was originally posted on Gale’s Instagram story and was thankfully screen-capped by E! News (“thank God for E!”):

Although Gale’s motive was likely to draw people’s attention to the fact that In-N-Out is not the healthiest food on the market, it does come off as a little out of touch, considering she is a super rich model who even shows in the video that she has people delivering her healthy food. Fat-shaming aside, Kelly Roberts makes the valid point that Gale could probably do with some chilling out and burger eating: